December 17, 2014

Artistic rugs from Rug Addiction are masterpieces you may walk on!Our Collections are made from the highest quality raw material available in the market.These collections are especially popular among edgy interior designers.Each and every rug is truly a master piece in its own right. These Collections offers color trends and designs of the current market and is sure to add contemporary appeal and comfort to any space. Designed by Rug Addiction, we area Manufacture of high quality, luxurious modern area rugs in any size and Style.These bold, textural patterns are hand crafted of a fine blend of silky yet durable yarn for maximum longevity. Our best selling line that provides an easy way to unify your decor.

The History of Rugs

The history of rugs covers about the same time span as human history because people have been using rugs since the earliest days of mankind.

Animal hides, in addition to being used for clothing, were used as rugs on the floor of a family’s hut or shelter. The hides were also used for sitting and sleeping surfaces and to provide warmth on a chilly night. Other types of rugs and mats were made from crudely woven reeds. Often, a good rug or hide was a family’s most valuable possession.

navid Yoosefia
navid Yoosefia